Nicaragua - El Llanito

EWB-SFP/UC Berkeley Project: Water pumping, storage, and distribution system for existing well EL Llanito, Nicaragua


The Nicaraguan El Llanito project recently conducted an Assessment trip. We are throughly pleased with the high productivity of the existing 100' well. In the coming months, we will be working on the design for a pump and distribution system to bring water to the broader community. Donations to this project are very much needed to support the field work ahead. Please send your contributions to El Llanito project. 


During August 2014 ATDT composting toilets deployment, our NGO partner, Alcance Nicaragua showed us an existing well and suggested a new project

Development of a water pumping, storage, and distribution system based on the well has been a community priority for some time. The well site is is located near the fork in the road to the community of El Llanito

The EWB-SFP Executive Council agreed, and we’ve worked with the community and Alcance Nicaragua to develop their 501 project application which was approved by EWB-USA

 EWB-SFP 502 application was approved by EWB-USA and we are working on our Pre-Assessment submittal in the new PAWS system

 We are partnering with the UC Berkeley student chapter.

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Scope description

The well has been in use for several years. The well drilling and manual pump was done by a government agency

People from the nearby municipality of Santa Lucia come to get water from the well during dry periods, when their community water system does not provide adequate water. This well always has had adequate water

There is a nearby hill with a place that can be leveled to locate storage tank(s).  It is owned by a member of the community group in charge of the water distribution project

Addition of a submersible electric pump, a line to an elevated storage tank, and a gravity distribution system would allow water to be pumped, stored, and distributed for use

Electrical power lines run alongside the road close to the edge of the property where the well is located

The community group in charge of the water distribution project owns the property around the well, including an access pathway to the road

The community group that is already managing the existing well and site improvements is a key advantage for the success of a project to pump, store, and distribute water from the well. They have a water board-like structure in place to manage the investment and operation and maintenance of the system

Alcance Nicaragua indicates that with these improvements and distribution system, the well could serve ~1000, rather than the 200 people currently served


Next steps

SFP/UC Berkeley team to complete and submit Pre-Assessment submittal to get approval to travel

Fundraise for EWB-USA QA/QC fees and future project work

Revise and submit Rotary Global Grant application to fund portion of project

Complete initial site assessment to support development of design alternatives and initiate PMEL program

Execute the rest of the process: complete preliminary design, submit for approval to implement

Implement and monitor first project

SUPPORT If you would like to contribute and/or be involved please contact the Project Leads, or