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Individual Sponsorship

Who Are You Supporting?

Weledi, Ethiopia – Monsoon flood management and structural repairs/expansions Buca, Fiji – Water treatment & supply to stem typhoid outbreaks
Bayonnais, Haiti – Road bridges
El Caracol, Honduras – Well & water supply
Arombe, Kenya – Well drilling & water supply
El Limon, Nicaragua – Solar-powered water supply
El Llanito, Nicaragua – Water supply storage, and distribution
Chapter General Fund – The “behind the scenes” work that makes all of these Projects possible!

Your tax-deductible gift is essential to our continued success with our partner communities.

Corporate Sponsorship

If you are considering a large individual donation or a donation on behalf of a company, we strongly recommend you coordinate your donation with our fundraising coordinator at This will ensure your donation is properly tracked and you receive donor benefits, which include:

  • Supporter - $500+

    • Your company logo, name and sponsorship level on our Chapter sponsorship page for a year.

    • An announcement on EWB-SFP's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) about your company's sponsorship.

  • Contributor - $1500+

    • All amenities of Supporter Donation Package, plus:

    • Access to our chapter membership (approx. 2000 members) by advertising your company's job openings to our e-mail list serve.

    • Access to EWB-SFP program (project) photos and success stories for use in your company communications.

  • Benefactor - $4000+

    • All amenities of Contributor Donation Package, plus:

    • Your company logo, name and sponsorship level on our monthly general chapter updates e-mailed to all of our members (approx. 2000 members) for a year.

    • At your request, an EWB member will come to your office to present on the SFP Chapter and/or specific SFP program (project).

    • The opportunity to join us at a general chapter meeting to promote (approx. 50-75 attendees).

If you’d like to donate by check, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Checks must be made out to EWB-USA

  2. Checks must be sent with the Donate by Mail Form

  3. Mail the check and Donate by Mail Form to:

    1031 33rd Street, Suite 210

    Denver, CO 80205

Please send correspondence to:
PO BOX 26492
San Francisco, CA 94126

Visit our sponsorship page for a list of our major donors.

Thank you again for your support, we look forward to an exciting and successful year.