Nicaragua - El Llanito

EWB-SFP/UC Berkeley Project: Water pumping, storage, and distribution system for existing well EL Llanito, Nicaragua


During August 2014 ATDT composting toilets deployment, our NGO partner, Alcance Nicaragua showed us an existing well and suggested a new project

Development of a water pumping, storage, and distribution system based on the well has been a community priority for some time. The well site is is located near the fork in the road to the community of El Llanito

The EWB-SFP Executive Council agreed, and we’ve worked with the community and Alcance Nicaragua to develop their 501 project application which was approved by EWB-USA

EWB-SFP 502 application was approved by EWB-USA and we were approved to travel for our  Assessment trip. We are partnering with the UC Berkeley student chapter

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We conducted assessment 11/28 – 12/2/2016, and EWB-USA approved Post-Trip Tasks and Report 2/3/2017.

  • Assessment trip was to determine whether the program/project should continue and gather information for design development

  • Discussed and finalized the Project Partnership Agreement and coordinated assessment activities with community and NGO

  • Evaluated and gathered information and data for proposed water supply system based on existing well, including: pumping test to evaluate well, locations for tank storage, pipe routing for gravity fed water distribution, soil, groundwater, hydrology, and topography. Evaluated availability of construction equipment and sources of tools and materials, transportation and storage of material

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  • Based on the outcome of our site assessment trip, the project is clearly a go

  • The most significant factor informing decision making was the pumping test outcome, which validated the integrity of the existing well and confirmed a sustainable pumping rate

  • We were thoroughly pleased with the high productivity of the existing 100' well

  • Consistent with preliminary data, this well will be further developed as a community-wide water source

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We are:

  • Proceeding with development of design alternatives for discussion with the community

  • Awaiting transfer of funds to our Rotary partners from The Rotary Foundation for an approved Global Grant application that will provide $35k for material purchases and construction

  • Have applied for an EWB-USA grant and have fulfilled requirements for a SFP internal chapter grant

Proceeding to execute the rest of the process:

  • Complete preliminary design, review with community, submit for approval to implement

  • Implement and monitor first project

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