Bula Everyone!

The goal of the Fiji Project is to work with the village residents of Buca, Loa, and Vunikura to provide them with a safe and reliable drinking water supply through advocating sustainability, community involvement, and project ownership. The long-term benefit of our work in Buca, Loa, and Vunikura will be reliable and safe water supply that significantly reduces risk of waterborne illness such as typhoid, as well as infrastructure that has been sized and designed for better resiliency under different weather conditions and population growth within these three villages.

Our work began in 2008 after an outbreak of typhoid in the Buca Bay region. Since then, our team has made eight Implementation Trips to the area, completing a variety of improvements to the villages’ water supply, including:

  • Installation of 33 biosand filters across the three villages and guidance with their repairs and water quality monitoring
  • Upgrades of significant portions of the three villages' water distribution systems
  • Replacement of a large portion of the transmission main in the village of Buca
  • Installation of a 20,000-liter water storage tank in the village of Vunikura
  • Repair of leaking water infrastructure in the village of Loa

Currently, our project is carrying out continued implementation of water supply improvements to ensure sustainable long-term benefits in the communities we are working in. In our 2017 trip, we will specifically target source catchment and distribution improvements in the village of Loa in order to improve the dependability of the system, and we will evaluate the use of a new source to supply water to Vunikura. We will also conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and effectiveness of the biosand filters that have been installed in the three villages to ensure their sustainable adoption by the village residents.